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Bringing Her In - Pt 4

Posted on Saturday July 31st, 2021 @ 3:15pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Captain Tobias Bishop III & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware & Ensign JoAnne Grant

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Deep Space Three Operations
Timeline: Current


The science officer next to him spoke up, "Sir I am having trouble following what the scans are showing me." Maxx replied, "yeah and there is a very good reason for that. Sir as you can see this is not only one technology we are looking at. This ship was your typical junker made from various parts from different ships. Usually when normal parts are not available in certain parts of the galaxy they retrofit what is available to make it work till a better option becomes available. Sadly this causes more problems down the road with power fluctuations, radiation control, to many machine languages in the system's computers and chaos in the computer systems sensors."

The science officer asked, "but a ship built like that should be able to work properly right sir." Maxx replied, "It's only a matter of time before it ends up like this." Then Maxx spoke up to the other officers, "so as you can see this junker is on its last legs and if we didn't find it it would end up as a derelict in space."

Then on a separate screen Maxx pulled up the image of a humanoid and a common ship from the Angosian race. He spoke up, "The Angosians are usually considered non-violent. However Angosian authorities were responsible for genetically and chemically engineering soldiers to fight in their Tarsian Wars, but the process was irreversible, and the 'super soldiers' were considered outcasts and criminals that could not function or co-exist alongside the normal population of Angosian society. As such they were forced to be permanently confined to a penal settlement on an Angosian moon till a rebellion forced them to make concessions. So as you can see the main body of the ship is an older combat model of an Angosian cruiser. It seems to have been retrofitted with Andorian cryo sleep chambers, Cardassian scanners, Romulan shields, a Klingon cloak system and a Gorn food dispenser. To be honest its amazing they were able to put all that tech on this ship and not explode right away. So what ever reason they had for doing all this, I am sure it was not legal." Maxx then hoped his explanation was enough for the others as he sipped his coffee once again.

Steven nodded in agreement.

"You know that fits with these readings. Angosian's and humans are virtually the same internal wise. These cryo chamber displays are not easy to read. Plus there is that extra set of readings. But it does look like these people were probably once super soldiers that have been converted back but something went wrong. So they were sent away to sleep in space. Until either they encounter someone who can figure out what went wrong or the pods fail and they all die," the doctor explained.

"Thank you both," replied Ithahr cordially, quietly impressed with how the two officers had worked together to gather the needed information about the ship and her occupants. The Andorian Executive Officer turned to Trensu and Grant. "Mister Trensu, in your professional opinion is that cobbled together vessel in all probability a pirate one?"

Steven continued to view the data coming in. He hoped there would be an away team. He would just love to see those cryogenic chambers up close.

He fired off another question in Grant's direction, "can we keep that ship stable enough inside the Docking Bay? No explosions?"

"If we can knock out its power generators Sir, then yes it shouldn't explode." Jo replied.

"That might endanger the crew. We don't know if those chambers still have working backup generators." Steven warned.

Edgeware was concerned the elderly sleep chambers. Might not be able to continue to work on their own. Once the main power had been cut. It would be a shame after being asleep for so long. These people would die due to a power failure. They had already lost one of their number due to a failing chamber.

"Perhaps we could find a way to just cut the main power. But leave power to the Cryogenic chambers still running?" Steven asked

Trensu was quiet listening to the other officers thinking on the XO's question. "I do agree with the other officer's assessment of the ship and cryo pods if the crew are leftover from the Tarsian War they will be highly trained. We could beam someone over and hook a power generator to the pods. but then we risk whatever made them go into cryo could be a problem for us. As for the ship being pirate one? Most likely or at least the parts were stolen making them criminals in any case." Trensu paused looking at some scans of the ship. He cross-referenced any report of stolen equipment that matched what was on the ship there were several reports that listed. "Sir, most of the equipment is missing or listed stolen whatever your decision is Sir I would add a security detachment with anyone doing the work on the ship or cryo pods," suggested Lieutenant Trensu.

'No-one can detect an external mechanism to hook up our power cables once it gets in to the docking bay?' asked Ithahr as he put a hand to his mouth in contemplation, looking at Grant.

"Sir, The external EPS power taps are at the front of the ship, they are just covered by plates here and here. I would assume that there is an a mechanism for when the ship is docked to open and close them also there would be a manual release accessible from the outside of the ship. We could always EVA over there once we knock out their generators. Sensors indicate that their power systems are compatible with ours," Ensign Grant postulated.

"If we do go over there. Count me in your need a medical team." Steven said.

"Of course, Doctor. We'll need our best people on this - if it's as bas as you say, we'll need to keep the occupants sedated while we figure out a way of dealing with them," replied Ithahr mildly as he thought over Grant's hypotheses. Finally he nodded, "...bring her in to the Docking Bay, knock out their power generators and hook them up to the station for safety."

"Trensu, Grant, Edgewar and Maxx, we'll be the 'Away Team' as such for this. We need to get in, extract the patients and get them to Medical for testing and scans. Once they're better ... we'll figure out what we can do for them."

"Aye Sir" Jo replied.

"Yes sir." Steven said.

"I know I do not need to remind you of this, but be careful over there team. I do not like any part of this." Bishop replied.

Steven gave a shudder. Thoughts of Harmony Bay went through the doctors mind. Maybe the luck of the Irish was going to run out for him , this time?



Captain Tobias Bishop III
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Deep Space Three

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