Doctor Edgeware I presume? Part two

Posted on Sunday September 5th, 2021 @ 3:27pm by Lieutenant Sakaan & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Backpost


Steven looked over the bio beds monitor screen.A normal healthy knee should have plenty of meniscus between the femur and ligament. Sakaan’s was missing causing the two to rub together damaging both. This added pressure to the ligaments. Which did not look healthy.

“ It is fixable thankfully Vulcan and Human knees are very similar. Just powered by different engines. I just need to match your DNA for the replacement meniscus.” Steven pressed a button on the bio bed which promptly fell off into his hand.

“ Gotcha!!!!” He cried in triumph.

"Got what?" inquired Sakaan who could still see nothing below her torso. "Have you fixed the knee, Doctor?"

Steven showed Sakaan the device he had found attached to the bio bed control panel.

"No I found this. A recording device pulling information off the bio bed. I must of damaged its fastenings when I knocked the panel. Naughty very very naughty. Do you recognise it at all?" Steven asked.

Sakaan looked at the device casually analysing it's components. They looked like standard Starfleet Intelligence fare. Possibly ill-concealed on purpose. The Vulcan shook her head. "No, Doctor, I do not. Some of the components look like a design I once saw in the employ of an adversary. If I may have it, I can hand it over to Security in order they can conduct more checks for such devices. This was a serious breach indeed."

Steven was angry.

“This is why the Klingons don’t trust us! I had to make a blood oath with Morog just to get him to agree to liaise with me. A blood oath. It’s like being on a Romulan Warbird this place. No one trusting each other…….spying on each other….. On my last ship we went to the aide of a Romulan Warbird that had been damaged in a plasma storm. Not that I am a Romulan in disguise.” He said

"I have read your file," replied Sakaan evenly. "And at least you now know there's one bio-bed where the Klingons will not be spied upon." She shifted a little on the bed. "Is my knee to your satisfaction? It feels fine now. Better than my shoulder at least." She paused for a moment and thought, then spoke, "a blood oath is a serious bond between Klingons. It is ... interesting that Colonel Morog would offer you one. He is also obligated to you now."

Steven smiled.

"I know. The strutting peacock probably did not realise it at the time. But I did not press him on it. That little nibblet of information can wait. Until such time he is needed to be reminded. Ok your knee is repaired try and be gentle with it for the next 24 hours. Let's have a look at that shoulder......Now that does not look good...... Before I arrived here who was your Chief Medical Officer? Did they have a grudge against you? These injuries should of been tended to ages ago......." Steven complained

"Starfleet Medical is blameless, Doctor," replied Sakaan with incredibly subtle wry humour in her tone. "The discomfort was not too much to bear, and I could persist in my duties, so I never reported the injuries." She looked about, "I suppose I should have reported them, but flexing my classified status has allowed for a lot of leeway, Doctor.' Sakaan thought a moment, "in time it may prove useful to us that you have this bond with Morog."

At the moment Steven was more interested in Sakaan’s shoulder.

“Let’s forget about that strutting peacock for now. This shoulder needs attention. Not some jumped up little upstart. Who probably got were he is because his father was Martoks best friend. Your Articular cartilage is virtually gone causing major friction damage to your Humerus and as for your Synovial membrane..... this will take a while.” He said.

"Proceed, then," Sakaan consented to the treatment. In truth the pain in her shoulder had begun to wear her patience to a ragged edge. "Yes, Morog's father was close with Martok. Makes you wonder why he's sided and works with Kord now. Not the most in favour Great House you can find in the Empire. Still. Korrd is eager, if feckless."

Once she had been sedated, Steven began working on Sakaan's shoulder. It took him a while but soon her shoulder resembled a fully if a little stiff and sore working shoulder. Now it was just a matter of her to wake. So he went to have a well deserved cup of coffee.

Slowly coming round after the sedative, Sakaan playfully wondered if Edgeware had given it to shut her up while he worked on her. She lay facedown and wondered where he had gotten too. Rotating she shoulder joint a little she sensed it had been to a great degree fixed of its previous problem. The Vulcan reflected she would probably have to thank Edgeware sometime.

Finishing his drink Edgeware returned to Sakaan. Looking at the readings he could tell she was awake. He ran a probe over her shoulder and smiled.

“Welcome back to the land of the living. Your shoulder will be a little stiff but it is fully repaired," he informed her.

"How long will the shoulder be stiff?" Sakaan asked as she rolled on to her back and got back up into a sitting position, moving her arm this way and that to test the shoulder muscle and its range of motion. Edgeware was right, it was a healed shoulder. The Vulcan nodded in satisfaction. "I do believe the worst of the damage has been mended, Doctor. This has plagued me for a ... a decade give or take."

A decade. Steven could not believe the Vulcan's shoulder had been left so long.

" Give it a week. Normally it would of been back to normal in a few days. But because it has been left so long. It will take your body a while to get used to be it working again. You should have some movement now. But take it easy no heavy lifting on fighting." Edgeware said.

"That seems to be a sensible precaution," replied Sakaan as she dangled her feet off the edge of the biobed. Is there anything else you wish to run while I am available. I am aware that you have not had the opportunity to run medicals of the staff since you've arrived."

Steven could of punched himself in the head. He had completely forgot to do a physical on Sakaan. She had been here for a while. What was wrong with him today?

“Actually now your are fixed. It would be the opportune time to give you a full physical. If you feel there is enough time?” he asked.

Consulting her inner chronometer, Sakaan slowly nodded. "A physical would be most logical. I am not scheduled for a return to the officer for a standard hour. Please proceed."

Edgeware gave a nod and began the physical. He gave his head a shake.

“Well. Having these long term injuries have not helped. Your heart rate is slightly off and I can detect blood pressure which as you know I should not be able to. Copper levels seem to be ok…you need a series of hypo spray injections. But apart from that your ok," he reported.

"Very well, Doctor, please proceed with the medication," replied Sakaan, barely suppressing a sigh of frustration, all that running she did. What had that been good for. "Will I be able to keep the blood pressure down without regular medication?"

Steven nodded.

“Yes but for the next month. I would rather you took the medication. Just to give your system a chance to recover,” he replied.

"That seems entirely reasonable. I assume they'll be dispensed the usual way?" she asked deadpan. "Did you find anything else of importance while scanning my vital signs?"

Edgeware shook his head.

“Yes orally will be fine. Well all seems to be in order. But, and I mean this, you must rest and allow your system to gain strength again. Remember you have been dealing with medical issues for a long time. Now they have dealt with your self healing system needs to regenerate itself,” Steven explained.

"Very well, Doctor," Sakaan quirked an eyebrow. 'If there's nothing else, I assume I'm free to go?"

Steven gave her a nod.

“ Yes. Here this is for you.” He handed her a hypo. ”Remember what I said and see you in say a few weeks,” Steven said.

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