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Meeting, Time to Check in, Part II

Posted on Thursday July 22nd, 2021 @ 4:19pm by Lieutenant Sakaan & Lieutenant JG Jason Elliot

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Intelligence Center
Timeline: Backpost


Jason thought through is next answer, "With all the traffic both in and out bound we'll be struggling too keep up with certain happenings, but I think we can manage." Jason paused taking a drink of coffee." Hopefully station security will be helpful in keeping an eye on persons of interest."

"Agreed," replied Sakaan, breaking away for a moment to sign a PADD proffered to her by one of the noncoms. "Security is adequately staffed to do their jobs. Our Science and Operations department are currently under par, from what I understand. There should be additional personnel soon."

Sakaan thought for a moment. "You are aware of our attached Starfleet exploration vessel, the Pathfinder, yes?"

Jason paused before speaking "I am aware of the ship, I just haven't had time too go over specifications since I'm not fully trained on ship operations beyond the basic courses taught at the academy."

"That isn't much of an obstacle," she said quietly, a micro-twitch of mirth at the lips, "we're not expected to perform ship-board functions as the others are really. We're paper pushers for the most part. If you do feel you require additional certification we can arrange for some holo courses if you have the time?"

"Put the courses on the schedule when things slow down or permit, I'd like to be able too do more field work than just research missions which is the extent of my field time for the record." Jason paused taking a sip of the coffee "It might benefit us too be able to be more hands on with our missions from HQ instead of just being active observers."

"As part of any Away Mission we'll be playing our active part. But our primary function is as data gatherers and interpreters for our fellow officers. I would imagine, though, that there will be occasion to go undercover, particularly when dealing with any pirate adversaries. Your fieldwork consists of what, specifically?"

"When I was based on Earth my main function was research, I did do some post incident study and investigations but most of the time I was there after the fact like a crime scene investigator." Jason stated.

"That's how most of us start," Sakaan replied, meaning it reassuringly. "I spent many years learning the ropes before I was allowed my own undercover assignment.' She shrugged, 'but then, I have the luxury of time."

"That's why I'm here, it's time too start learning the ropes." Jason commented.

"Very well," Sakaan said with a bobbing nond of her head as she thought. "Being aboard a Starbase in a remote area such as this will allow you plenty of opportunity to gain field experience in a manner that is safe and responsible." She put a finger to her chin as she thought, "most likely this will be an outgrowth on your work now assigned to you, local pirate groupings. Acceptable?"

"Very much, I'm going too start compiling after action reports and sensor logs, is there anything else?" Jason said attempting to contain his enthusiasm.

"I can show you to your office, should you wish?" Sakaan asked with a touch of wryness, realising they had been stood in the middle of the Intelligence Centre for most of their conversation. She was glad she could count on her subordinates' discretion in not discussing these matters outside of their workplace.

"Yes, I'd like too get too work soon as possible." Jason said looking around at the foot traffic.

"This way," the Vulcan indicated a path that followed the outer circle of the Centre. "You'll probably find yourself spending most of your time in here. Plenty of classified briefing rooms shielded to the highest level so you can conduct your work." She pointed at a door as they went past. "My office. Mostly open door policy except when it's not," she said briskly. "Ah, here we are Lieutenant. Your office. Should prove to be spacious enough, I trust?"

Jason looked in. "This is bigger than the cubicle I had previously." he stepped forward too the desk, for the moment it was neat and tidy, in a few days that would certainly change.

"I should hope so," Sakaan retorted gently, "we may as well make use of the space afforded by a Starbase of this size. I'm sure you know who to contact if you require any extras for your office?"

"I'll speak too quartermaster and supply about anything." Jason said looking at the desk.

"Very well," replied Sakaan with a nod. "I'll leave you to it?"

"Yes Sir." Jason said attempting too salute.

"No need to be so formal, Lieutenant," said Sakaan with a wave of her hand. "Just do your work to the best of your ability, and we'll get along fine."

"I'll do that and more." Jason said as he sat down and started too get too work.


Lieutenant Sakaan
Chief Intelligence Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant (JG) Jason Elliot
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
Deep Space Three


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