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Bringing Her In - Pt 2

Posted on Wednesday June 30th, 2021 @ 4:37pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Captain Tobias Bishop III & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware & Lieutenant Ahkhsu Trensu & Ensign JoAnne Grant

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Deep Space Three Operations
Timeline: Current


"What are your orders, Commander?" Ensign Grant asked.

'Is there no way to contact them Ensign?' asked Ithahr again, realizing he had released a flurry of orders without pause for reflection.

"If there is anybody alive who is listening, yes. I don't see any damage to there communications array." Jo stated.

Steven thought for a while.

“If they are in some kind of suspended animation there must some kind of central computer keeping an eye on them. Maybe that is what we should be trying to contact?” Edgeware suggested.

Lt. Maxx sipped his coffee as he listened to the others speak then he sucked some more food from his teeth before he spoke up, "if you are concerned sir we could send a remote-controlled drone with a camera and tricorder to check things out. It will reduce the threat to the crew on our side and give us more information."

Ithahr nodded in response to the suggestion, 'take a pass, Lieutenant Maxx. Doctor Edgeware, your suggestion is noted. Perhaps we can determine if there is a central intelligence at work here? I don't believe our sensors picked anything of the sort up in the initial scan."

He turned to Lieutenant Creed, 'please ensure a decontamination team is ready to scourge the hull of the parasite when we bring her in. Can't be taking chances now."

Lisa replied, "aye Sir," as she started to make the arrangements, she continued, "I suggest we bring it into a docking Bay that is empty of ships and quarantine it there," as she hoped that would be ok. She continued, "may I also recommend that only myself, Doctor Edgeware and the Security Chief and your good self be the only ones allowed in and then quarantine for 2 days."

"Agreed," replied Ithahr easily.

Then Lt. Maxx tapped on his datapad and did a quick system check on the drone he had prepared earlier. After he saw it was in the pristine condition he turned it on and tapped his com badge, "Lt. Maxx to Engineering. Prepare to transport my drone. I am sending you the coordinates." After getting a response from engineering the drone was transported to the inside of the derelict. As Maxx confirmed that the drone was on the derelict he put the camera view on half of the main screen. Maxx then rotated the drone to see where the drone was and the status of the ship. Then he said, "the drone is ready sir. Doctor, feel free to begin the scans."

Steven’s hands ran over the console. He was still not picking up anything he looked at Lt.Maxx.

“I’m not picking up anything now. Lieutenant Maxx could the drone of been damaged? Is there anyway to boost power?” he asked.

Lt. Maxx sipped his coffee calmly as he tapped his data pad with focused eyes. On might wonder why he was drinking coffee and working at the same time but he seemed to have things well handled at this point. Then he smirked as he tapped on the pad and the camera came back on so they could see the video footage again and the scanners began receiving data. Maxx responded, "looks like the solenoid that was suppose to turn on the tricorder and camera on got triggered off and stuck. I boosted the power on the drone to compensate so its on now. Looks like we are getting footage and scans now. Did you want me to move the drone now?"

Once again Edgeware looked over the readings on his console. He gave Maxx a thumbs up. Data was now coming through. Finally he had something to report.

"Lieutenant Trensu," Ithahr enquired as Edgeware was busy with his scan, "have you determined whether there are no weapons or if they are merely powered down?"

Hiss hands moved across a panel. Trensu Looked back at the XO. "Sir, they have some ship defensive energy weapons. Now what is strange here is the small arms weapons are unusual looking. The scans show a sonic resonator type of weapon. I Have not seen anything like this in a century or two. Not in this part of the galaxy anyways. They are not activated at this time," informed Trensu.

"Thank you, Mister Trensu," Ithahr said, his eyes still on the viewer.

"Readings coming through. Whatever is over there is definitely in some kind of assisted sleep. Picking up three heartbeats and one.....looks like a sleep chamber or whatever they used has failed. Heart rates of other three seem to be slow. Looks like three male. Humanoid. But what kind not sure. Maxx is there anyway we can boost the tricorders scanning range?" Steven asked.

Lt. Maxx sipped his coffee as he pondered his options for a moment. He then recalled various ways to boost the power but some of them would interfere with the drone's stability. Then he remembered a technique that would have some promising results. Maxx spoke up, "Yeah I can divert power from the tool box cell since we should not need the welding tools. Just give me a moment." Maxx then ran his fingers over the data pad as he quickly diverted the power boost to the tricorder and not the camera. Maxx then replied, "Okay that should double the range of the tricorder, but I can move the drone if you want to get closer to anything on the ship."

Steven looked over the readings now coming through.

"Perhaps we could move towards where the sleeping chambers are. There is a rhythmic power signature that must be the cryogenic chambers, up ahead. It might be prudent to see what exactly is over there. Plus it looks like that is where the most power is being used at moment. Which is odd considering it's only supposed to be powering three sleeping pods. Plus I would like to see why pod four has failed," Steven said.

[To Be Continued]


Captain Tobias Bishop III
Commanding Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok
Executive Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Dr Steven Edgeware
Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Ahksu Trensu
Chief of Security
Deep Space Three

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Chief Operations Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant (JG) Talerian Maxx
Chief Science Officer
Deep Space Three

Ensign Jo Grant
Operations Officer
Deep Space Three


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