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Bringing Her In - Pt 3

Posted on Tuesday July 27th, 2021 @ 4:57pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Captain Tobias Bishop III & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware & Lieutenant Ahkhsu Trensu & Lieutenant JG Talerian Maxx & Ensign JoAnne Grant

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Deep Space Three Operations
Timeline: Current


Lieutenant Maxx nodded as he replied, "Very well. Sleeping quarters it is. Moving in." Then Maxx gently guided the drone through the twists and turns as he was watching the camera as well as the ship's layout to avoid bumping into parts of the ship. Since he had prior experience working with drones in his past it felt like old times to him. As the drone slowly moved through the ship the crew nearby saw the state of the ship on the view screen. He kept his opinions to himself since they would all be thinking similar thoughts, and he needed to focus on the control of the drone. Eventually it arrived in the sleeping chambers and Maxx positioned the drone so it could be looking directly at the locations of the life forms while allowing the camera a wide view. Maxx said, "hopefully this angle will give you what you need," Then Maxx took a sip from his coffee as he waited to see what the doctor found.

Steven looked at the readings and he also glanced at the picture feed coming in.

"Old style sleeping chambers. It's a wonder no more than one failed. No traces of any viruses so we can ease the quarantine. Chamber readings seem normal for humanoids in deep sleep. Heart rates slow. Look human but a lot of races share our heartbeat rates. These people are not Vulcan , Romulan and definitely not Klingons. These type of pods don't suit Cardassians. Although there is one set of readings I don't recognize. What do you think Maxx?" Steven asked.

Maxx put his coffee down and tapped rather quickly on his data pad as his eye scanned the the information from the Tricorder. The more he looked at it the simpler it appeared with the exception of the odd readings they randomly got. He triple checked his results just to be sure before he spoke up. Maxx said, "I am getting humanoids in suspended animation, with something unidentifiable in the body. This is not a typical Borg virus, so we can eliminate that variable. Its also not registering as any parasite slash lifeform we have on file either. So that means its an unknown which could be biological or similar to the Borg virus. I would advise caution either way since don't know if we have a defense for why is in their bodies." Maxx then picked up his coffee and sipped from it as he waited to see the response from the others.

Steven looked over the readings then he looked at the picture feed.

"I can't see any tell tale signs of Borg implants growing on their skin. If there was a Borg virus then it would be showing up by now. Although their skin colouring is rather pale. But that would depend on how long they have been asleep in these chambers for. But thankfully whatever virus this is, it does not seem to have got out. You know it is possible that is why they were put in these chambers. Maybe they are sick and this was done so they could arrive at somewhere where a cure for them could be found. Luckily the fourth sleeping chambers seal is still in place even though it failed. Maxx what language does that look like to you?" he asked

Lieutenant JG Maxx swallowed his coffee and put his coffee cup down as he analyzed the information on the data pad. He sucked some food from his teeth as he was concentrating. It was a bad habit of his, but it irritated him to have food in his teeth. He only wished he has time to brush his teeth before the emergency meeting since it was still bugging him. After moving through several screens on the data pad he made an odd expression and double checked his notes. Then he looked up from his screen as he said, "this can't be right... According to the log that is binary language combined with Andorran. It doesn't make sense to combine the two in the first place, but since we can communicate with both languages we should be able to access the sleep modules. I'll set up a translator on the main viewer so you can decipher what you see in subtitles." Maxx then tapped a few keys and several words began to show up on the bottom of the screen for all the read.

Actually it was starting to make sense to Steven. The Andorians were well known for their cryogenic sleep chamber technology. The chambers must have been Andorian built. Steven waited for Maxx's translation to go through.

"Ok. Here we go. Well two of them are human ... oh that is not good. Their white blood cell count is very low. Plus there seems to be a build up of imperfections in their systems. So the kidneys are not working to well. The third ... hmmm still can't get a clear indication. He looks like someone tried to turn him into something else but failed. Heart rate all over the place. Plus he's in just a bad as the others. This looks these three were failed experiments. But as to what or who they were being turned into is a mystery. Maxx can you identify any of this technology?" Steven asked.

Lieutenant JG Maxx was in the middle of sipping his coffee when he was asked to identify the technology. So he swallowed his coffee and nodded as his fingers tapped along his data pad again.

Captain Bishop was listening to the conversation from his desk terminal. "Do you think we should leave them be? Maybe even scuttle the vessel? Or do you think they might be able to be saved with medical attention?" he asked all involved.

[To be Continued ...]


Captain Tobias Bishop III
Commanding Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Commander Ithar th'Shrannok
Executive Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Dr Steven Edgeware
Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant JG Talerian Maxx
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Deep Space Three

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Deep Space Three

Ensign Jo Grant
Science Officer
Deep Space Three


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