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0800hrs - Part 2

Posted on Wednesday June 30th, 2021 @ 2:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Captain Tobias Bishop III & Lieutenant Ahkhsu Trensu

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: DS3 SCIS Offices
Timeline: Backpost


Trensu found the meeting informative but knew she was right about everything she said. he looked over the Padd before going to Svetlana office. It had some of the normal information on the report due to her and a training schedule for the Special Reaction Team (SRT) training. Her department used an old term SWAT training more of a civilian term used by them.

Waking into the main SCIS headquarters, Trensu first met Katrina, who was working from her desk, and was flabbergasted when she told him to sit, and wait. Speaking to Svetlana on the office's intra communication system. Listening to the information given by Svetlana, Katrina cut communication and began to work. A few minutes later, Katrina said "Lt Trensu, SSA Chekov will see you now, and motioned for him to walk to the inner hallway. Standing in front of Svetlana's door, which had a plaque that read "Supervisory Special Agent in Charge, Sevetlana K. Chekov, Team 95; Deep Space 3. Knocking on the door frame once, Svetlana acknowledge him and as he opened the door he said "Got a minute? got some information for you."

Sitting behind a large desk that was covered with old fashioned paper reports, scores of Isolinear chips, Svetlana smile and said "Why Lt. Trensu, what a surprise to see you here in my office. Please come in and have a seat at the table," as she motioned towards a table that had a Russian tea Samovar, some fresh pastries, fruits, and two chairs. Showing the Lieutenant to a chair, he sat in front of the table, while above his head was an illumination panel. Svetlana walked over to a small alcove, depressed a button that dimmed the lights, and took her place in another chair facing Trensu who was now fully illuminated, and said with a smile

"Well Lietenant Trensu; Just what do you have in mind"?

Witting back in the chair Trensu "I have been reviewing your SWAT training and I am impressed. I know normally we do a Team Vs team training with our teams. I don't think that would help either team at this point. So I have an idea that I can set up we have some starships coming in and a Klingon ship as well how about we take our teams against one of them. A little us vs. them competition." Trensu Suggested.

Sitting there, Svetlana was interested; knowing that her own teams were well qualified, she asked "Trensu, just how do you suggest we go about this. I still have SA DeCarlo out on Sick Leave, he's back on Earth recovering from his injuries, and SA Garcia is off on Risa with a subject that was involved in a major heist of Klingon Artifacts, so I'm afraid that leaves me as a semi-official observer," replied Svetlana...

"HOWEVER", I do have Doctor Pinkey, who's the junior Forensic Pathologists and assistant to Dr. Smith, perhaps he can go and be of help to your Medical SWAT Teams?" replied Svetlana. Plus it will give me a chance to review Dr. Pinkey's activity with a SWAT team, plus as a general surgeon, his being on your team also gives you a professional who can treat your own personnel, and the subject's if needed.

"They are your people so assign them as needed. I do think that's a good idea if you would like I could put them in training with my teams to get them up to date and qualified SWAT as you term it. To be able to be in the field with my teams they have to qualify just like everyone else. In the meantime, if you need personal to fill in or you need back up. let me know I will see what I can do." replied Trensu.

Deep in thought, Svetlana said; "that may be a good idea of yours, I"ll have the appropriate personnel ready and suited up, whenever you folks decided to go to the ship. I imagine that the standard weapons will be used?" asked Svetlana, as she thought of the mayhem that Security would have liked to do to what or whoever was in that ship.

"Standard weapon load out would be fine. I have not even looked to see what you have or if you want I could send my master at arms over to take a look at your equipment and make recommendations. he is running the operation on my side I will have him contact you when we are ready and if you have any questions about details about the operation he can brief you." said Trensu.

For Svetlana it had been years since she had to wear any combat gear, and with a small group of agents under her, their combat loadout was the standard Type II hand phaser, though there were only five Phaser Rifles assigned to SCIS. "Okay Trensu", replied Svetlana; "why don't you have your armorer go into our weapons locker, I'm sure he/she is going to be horrified to see our rifles"

"Plus, we don't carry a lot of combat gear. I'm afraid that the old idea of SCIS getting into any combat role is a long gone idea; not like the early 21st century when the old NCIS went into combat with the Marines/and Soldiers arresting people off the battlefield during the old Desert Wars," replied Svetlana.

He just gave a nod to her reply. "I will see to it we could also allocate some equipment to you but do to regulations we have to keep it in our armory. but can assign your department some equipment all you have to do is come and get it issued." Trensu paused thinking. "I don't see anything wrong with that if we list the team personnel I am sure the CO will sign off on that plan," suggested Trensu.

"Great," replied Svetlana, "now when do we start?"


Captain Tobias Bishop III
Commanding Officer
Deep Space Three

Ahkhu Trensu, Lt
Chief of Security
Deep Space 3

Svetlana Chekov, GS12
SSAIC, Team 95
Starfleet Criminal Investigative Services


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