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Walking on Eggshells - Pt 2

Posted on Wednesday June 30th, 2021 @ 12:21pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Klingon Embassy
Timeline: Current


“My dear Colonel Morog of course I would not make any accusations to a man with a fine and honourable military career as yours. After all those old D5 battle cruisers were phased out due to their faulty air locks. I also fully agree with you about us softer people and how if we wish, to partake in a round of head butting after a good couple of mugs of Klingon ale. What’s a few broken neck vertebrae in this day and age. But seriously as a recent addition to this crew you can understand I wish things to go well between us all. After all I am very sure my blood brother Tamar of the house of H’aCH Voh would be a little upset to hear if anything happened to me due to someone not cooperating,” Steven said.

Morog growled impatiently, "and who would Tamar of house H'ach Voh be? Why should I a member of House Torog, have anything to fear from such a Klingon?" He leaned over and smiled wolfishly. "I hope a Starfleet Officer isn't threatening a member of the Klingon Empire, or setting Houses against each other. That could be construed as interference in our internal affairs. We have waged wars for less."

Steven could tell that maybe he had pushed Morog a little to far. But it was important to set out ground rules. With a nan like this.

“Oh I am not making any threats. Just pointing out that should any misfortunes befall my good self. Which, let us not beat about the bush, have happened before to other not so connected officers such as us myself. My friend Tamar who sits on the high council, plus his friend the chancellor might not be to happy. So now we have addressed our boundaries. Let’s get down to business. It would be a good idea to make sure if there were no misunderstandings if someone from your staff, liaised with me on a regular basis. Just to make sure everything is running smoothly medical wise,” Steven said.

"Starfleeter, make no mistake," Morog finally snarled, losing his cultured patience, "the Klingon High Chancellor would sooner renounce his honour than siding with a human in Klingon affairs. Do not presume that House Torog does not have the favour of the High Council in its endeavours on Deep Space Three." He bared his copse of teeth, "what good would liaising with Starfleet about our medical issues do? Allow you to prod and pry into our lives!?"

Finally Morog had dropped his fake smiles and puffed up attitude. The real Klingon was now showing through. Steven could have laughed but knew that his life would probably end before the second chuckle.

"So finally we get to the truth. You see us as wishing to pry in your affairs. Well that may of been true with other medical departments, allowing Starfleet to use them to snoop into the business of others. But not me. I really don't care if you all get so drunk on Blood wine you all go blind. However you are our guests here on Deep Space Three. As your hosts we are honour bound to offer you assistance should something happen that your own medics cant cure. But if this was to cause non Klingons health troubles then you can be sure I will be on you like an Andorian ice tick. But if we keep in good terms with each other and speak once in a while, I am sure everything will run smoothly, don't you agree?" Steven asked.

"What of other departments get a hand on our medical records by 'mistake' after my men are treated or scanned in your infirmary? I have seen your Chief Intelligence Officer. It is well known that Vulcans have no honour."

Steven could say the same about some Klingons. But kept his to himself.

"But I do. I will make a blood oath to you - that any of your medical records will only be available to you and myself. No one else including those dishonourable Vulcans will be allowed to look, plus there will be a high encryption code on them. Would that be acceptable to you?" Steven asked.

The Klingon considered the human medical officer for a moment, a deep frown on his face. Then he pulled the d'ktahg from his sheath and flicked the blade open. "A blood oath is not a trivial matter, human. If you are prepared ..." he thought a moment longer, "the medical scans will take place within the embassy walls. We will keep our records and you may take your information away on one of your PADDs in order to study them. The records can then be stored in a secure location within your Medical Facility."

Morog proffered the knife, saying in a low voice, "do we have an accord, human?"

Without a moments hesitation Steven took the d'ktahg and lifting his left hand ran the blade across his hand.

"Yes Morog. We do." He said.

The Klingon threw back his and laughed, before taking back the knife and slitting his own hand, allowing the blood to pool on top of Edgeware's on the table. "We have struck an accord, Doctor. When will it be convenient to conduct the work?"

Steven wrapped his hand in a cloth. He would fix it later once Steven had spoken with Morog.

"We need to set up an encrypted file locking system that only myself and you can access. So give me a day to get that set up. Plus I need to do a sweep of sickbay, to be sure no eavesdropping devices have been planted. From what you have told me this station has far too many ears. Sticking into other peoples business and that is something I will not have in my sickbay," Steven advised Morog.

Morog considered thus carefully, "we have an agreement, human. Beware it is not broken." He smiled toothily once more. "Any other business, Doctor?"

Steven looked at Morog.

“We have made a blood oath. The only way this agreement will be broken is if someone kills me. I am a man of honour. Like my Irish forefathers who battled the English out of Southern Ireland. But as I said we are surrounded by those who are not. For now that is all.” Steven said.


Lieutenant Dr Steven Edgeware
Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space Three

Colonel Morog
Embasy Chief of Security
[NPC Lt. Cmdr. Ithahr th'Shrannok]


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