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Meeting, Time to Check In, Part I

Posted on Thursday July 22nd, 2021 @ 4:16pm by Lieutenant Sakaan & Lieutenant JG Jason Elliot

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Intelligence Offices
Timeline: Backpost


Jason had dropped off his belongings too his quarters and changed into a proper field uniform, he had a standard issue briefcase in his left hand and his fifth cup of coffee in his right hand. He exited the turbo lift that was directly outside the intelligence offices, waved too a passing by security officer as he walked through the door. A lone yeoman was at the front desk he looked up and just said "She's just got here herself, she'll see you shortly," was all that the young man said.

Jason was directed too take a seat in the waiting area, that seemed odd but he did. He took another sip off the coffee. There was a click as the office door opened, Jason stood up "Jason Elliot reporting."

"Our new Deputy Chief Intelligence Officer, I see," replied Sakaan in an even tone. "A pleasure to meet you," the blonde-haired Vulcan woman extended her hand to her subordinate. "I trust your voyage to the station was ... agreeable?''

Jason stood up, "Largely, the ship ran into an ion storm on the back half of the trip that slowed us down by six hours, but that was about it," pausing to shake hands, "I was surprised too see the levels of activity on the station even at the time of day I arrived at, so I can assume that things are can be a twenty-four hour a day operation?" Jason queried right away.

Sakaan nodded as she led the new officer into the smaller outer office they sometimes used for officers without the proper clearance, "yes. As I understand it the Captain and Executive Officer are very keen to ensure that Deep Space Three is a commercial hub for the sector." She cocked her head a moment before continuing, "unfortunately the pirate groups in the area are dragging down on that effort. If we're successful, we'll be even busier." The tall Vulcan arched an eyebrow, "I assume you would like to see your working space?"

"Yes I would." Jason replied immediately "I was reading the after action reports about some of the pirate attacks during the trip, the after action reports felt incomplete in one instance, and the other reports made descriptions of tactics that matched old reports and other on file content from the Marquis era before the Dominion War, was this investigated further?"

Arching an eyebrow at the officer, Sakaan palmed the door to the Intelligence Center proper. A large circular room, it was ringed with workstations, and at the centre was dominated by a holographic representations of the Armagosa system, with Deep Space Three at its centre, the sector, and the Federation itself. All the data appeared to be updated in real-time as adjustments were made to projections and new data was received.

"Deep Space Three had a rocky start, Lieutenant, and I'm not sure all the leads were followed up. My resources since my arrival have thus far been absorbed in setting up a working Intelligence network across the sector in order to probe the groups that surround us. We've also anticipated further aggressive actions by the Klingons in the sector, and have been liaising with local non-aligned worlds in order to better develop an intelligence sharing apparatus. Unofficially of course." Sakaan paused, "I would be most appreciative of any input you may have regarding the pirate groups at the appropriate time."

"I can help on that front, Roque Agular operates out of Starbase 283 which is closest to one incident in the reports, he might have a report or some notes that we could use too work up a group profile and if you don't mind indulging me I could follow up with our own field investigations, Roque was in my graduating class and has more field time than I do and he was on scene at this particular event."

"For now please make contact with Agular and have him transmit any reports or notes he may have in his possession. Our current efforts are directed at the upcoming diplomatic conference. Working with Security and the Diplomatic Department we are attempting to run down any security threats to the summit, and work out the likely members of the Romulan Empire's delegation - still a hard job, I think you'll agree, despite the schism that has created the Free Romulan Republic."

"I'll get a message out too Roque immediately, but that can take up too two days for him to get back, Starbase 283 is short staffed right now, in the interim I'll switch modes too Romulan politics and go over any potential flash points between the Romulan groups and potential other problems including those who would benefit from a conflict." Jason said a bit too verbosely.

Sakaan nodded in understanding, "there should be sufficient time to complete both tasks. There are, of course, other elements to take care of - the Klingons will be attending and although we know the Ambassador and his team we have yet to know what their objectives are. And there is also the wider task of setting up a functioning intelligence network in the sector over the long term."

[To Be Continued]


Lieutenant Sakaan
Chief Intelligence Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant (JG) Jason Elliot
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
Deep Space Three


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