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New orders

Posted on Friday May 28th, 2021 @ 9:49pm by Lieutenant JG Jason Elliot

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Transport ship: USS Pacific
Timeline: Current (Mission day unknown)


Jason set the pad down, his orders were the usual intelligence jargon. Investigate, report, analyze and so on. He was looking over the dossier of the station's intelligence chief, he only knew them by name, since there are many sections, stations, and directorates within the intelligence network. Jason had spent a number of years hidden in one of the many archives, buried in the mountains of reports and other things that come with doing what he used too do as an intelligence analyst. Then things started too get unraveled in his personal life, he'd lived with the rumors of problems, none of which were true, the year following his wife's passing and the increasing growth of strife and other problems with in the federation had fueled a burn out that was hard on him. He took a leave of absence to sort out his personal life, during that time he tied up some personal matters, buried his wife and looked at his own life.

Change was part of being in starfleet, and he needed it on an epic level. He'd requested assignment away from earth and away from the corridors of politics and the personal demons that had consumed him. This was a new chapter that he could start clean. While he looked out the view port holding his third coffee of the morning, or was it the hour. He couldn't remember, he had become lost gazing deep into the cosmos, his thoughts turned too the inner ship announcement they were now on the final approach too the station, he looked too the stack of pads and empty coffee cups, he cleaned up and got ready too leave the ship, this was his next stop, maybe his new home he thought.

He turned his gaze back to the view port as he saw the station, it was as massive as stardock in orbit of earth. The lower cargo docks looked too be busy, even at this time of day, he looked at the wall clock, it was 0335 hours. Assuming they docked in an hour he would still have two plus hours before he was scheduled to report in, according too his orders his quarters were located in the officers levels, he figured he clean up and change into a proper field uniform and then go and check in with the CO and CIO.

The Pacific slid into dock almost like it was planned, and Jason made his way too the designated airlock, bag in tow. The yeoman at the door looked at him and nodded politely as jason made his exit. It was only a short few seconds and he was at the entry too the station. Jason entered the disembarkation area and looked around for station security or even any other random crew only too find a janitor finishing up and leaving the area. It seemed odd, the reason why became very clear as they were occupied with four rather drunk klingons who from what Jason could hear were on the wrong level to return too their ship. Jason knew that this wasn't his job, that was until the taller of the group of Klingons reached for a weapon.

Jason walked over "You really don't want to do that."

The Klingon turned "An humans like you should mind your own business!"

Jason smiled "Your here as guests, and it looks like you were celebrating something, do you want the honor of being in a holding cell when you have to explain your actions too your commanders?"

The klingon looked at him then smiled "Today is not a day to bring shame too our commander...for tomorrow could be the day we die!"

With a healthy thump on the back the Klingons walked away, still being boisterous but headed hopefully in the right direction, Jason turned too get his bag the one security officer spoke "That took some real fortitude too do that, who are you?"

"I'm one of the new intel officers, Jason Elliot"

"Well Mr Elliot welcome too Deep Space three."

"I hope it's not always this entertaining, I might get too like it too much." Jason said as he walked away.

The security officers looked at Jason as he walked away, "He's got some stones."

Jason walked too a turbo lift, the sounds of Klingons was still lingering as the turbolift door hissed closed, 'If this is the first thirty minutes, this should be fun.' Jason thought too himself.


Jason Elliot
Deep Space three Intelligence


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