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Doctor Edgeware I presume? Part one

Posted on Tuesday July 27th, 2021 @ 3:04am by Lieutenant Steven Edgeware & Lieutenant Sakaan

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Backpost


Having met the new Chief Medical Officer briefly at the briefing earlier, Sakaan had opted to book in a Medical with him immediately. It was the logical thing to do, and he had mentioned he wanted to talk to Starfleet Intelligence about the upcoming conference. The Vulcan had decided it would be efficient to kill two birds with one stone. She moved with purpose and determination through the Starbase's corridors, making a beeline to Sickbay. It helped she was taller than most and that her bearing was a little intimidating to others.

She stepped through the doors and into the pristine cleanliness of Deep Space Three's recently-restored Sickbay. Sakaan glanced about approvingly, wondering how much work Ensign Grant had done herself to get this part of the station up and running. She caught sight of an orderly, and beckoned them over. "I'm looking for Doctor Edgeware? Inform him Lieutenant Sakaan has arrived."

The orderly nodded, went to find Edgeware and dragged him over.

If Edgeware had the power to kill with a look then the orderly who literally dragged him over would be a smouldering heap on the floor. But seeing Lieutenant Sakaan standing there saved the orderly receiving a very rude an angry response. He gave her a big smile trying very hard to hide his anger.

“Greetings Lieutenant how may I help you today?” he asked.

Sakaan raised an eyebrow. There had been no mistaking the look of irritation that had passed between the Doctor and his orderly. "I thought I had a Medical to report for Doctor Edgeware. I do hope my timing isn't inconvenient?"

Edgeware smiled.

“No of course not please please come in come on. Doctor Edgeware at your service. Now do you wish my good self to carry out this physical or perhaps you would be more comfortable with a female member of staff?” Steven asked.

"Your presence is sufficient. I am hoping that we may be able to discuss your earlier request about talking to a member of Starfleet Intelligence," replied Sakaan evenly as she noted the orderly's departure. "It would be a more efficient use of our time, and I do not anticipate any issues with my medical. I have few long-term physical injuries that need checking up on, despite my work in the field.' She looked about, 'where is the nearest bio-bed?"

Vulcans! The biggest conversation stoppers in the whole galaxy. Steven had plenty of dealings with them. There was one Vulcan crew member on his last ship. That was under the impression Steven did not know what he was doing. He hoped Sakaan would not end up thinking the same thing.

"Over here will be acceptable my dear.....sorry Lieutenant. So lets begin with this long term injury. Hmmm this is odd for some reason its not on your record. Tell me about these physical injuries and who has been treating you for them?" Steven asked her.

"I've broken several bones in the course of my duty. My left shoulder blade and right knee often cause me trouble," replied Sakaan as she sat on the table, "they are not currently being treated as they ... twinge I believe is the Earth expression. However, I would like to have them checked as I am still a young Vulcan. Feel free to take a scan."

Edgeware could not understand why her broken bones had not been treated. In this day and age its was a simple repair now. Unless of course there was a reason why the bones had not been properly fixed. Some people especially Vulcans could not be treated in the same way. Due to their bone density be much higher then normal.

"Usually injures like this would be healed at once. I am amazed no one has done this. Did anyone give you a reason why this was not done at the time of the injuries?" Steven asked.

"Doctor Edgeware, I have spent longer in the field, undercover, than you have probably been alive," replied Sakaan with a humorous micro-twitch around the mouth. "Sufficed to say that the missions were classified, but when working with pirates and smugglers, Federation medicine was not readily available. So they have healed naturally.'"Sakaan changed tack, "and that is why I came today. I thought we could talk about what you were wanting to pass along to SI."

Star fleet Intelligence now there was a play on words. Edgeware had dealings with them before. In fact it was down to SI, and their habit of keep important details to themselves, that the incident at Harmony Bay had turned from a simple rescue into a bloodbath that included Steven's mentor and friend Dr Boris Hendon losing his head. Steven did not like the idea he would have to speak to them. He had kept his thoughts to himself up until now.

"Now that is indeed the question isn't it. To be honest with you I know this sounds illogical. But Starfleet Intelligence and myself don't exactly like each other. Something happened in my last posting that could of been avoided, if they had shared information in the first place. So perhaps just enough to keep their hounds at bay would be acceptable?" Steven asked.

"Very well. A check of my knee and just enough information to keep Starfleet Intelligence at bay," replied Sakaan flatly. She of course did not want to mention that she had read his file, knew about Harmony Bay. That was the reason she had decided to ask him here, and not at her office. "Does that sound like a fair deal?"

"Agreed." Steven said as he picked up a probe and ran it over her knee. He then checked the readings and shook his head. "Ok. Your knee is healing but the muscle under your knee cap is still in a state of bruising. Now it is not that bad , but I would try and keep off it for a while. what you pass on about the injuries progress is up to you....actually there is something else that I would like to speak with you about. I am rather concerned about the number of eavesdropping devices I have found in sickbay." Steven said.

"Curious that it is still bruised after all this time," Sakaan said neutrally. "Will it be persistent?" she asked, before lapsing into silence. After a few moments she said, "as a Starbase I'm sure that there are many eavesdropping devices that are regularly picked up by our security sweeps." Sakaan of course meant adversaries' devices not Starfleet's own.

Steven looked at the readings.

“Yes you have a slight weakness in you derma layer that could be the cause. I can give you a spray that should help. About these ease dropping devices. I want them all removed from Sickbay at once. I have tried to contact the Chief of Security. But to no avail. So if you could arrange for their removal. Because if I find them I will smash them,” he warned.

Sakaan slid a sly glance in Edgeware's direction, breaking out into a smile once she was sure no-one could see. "But if you smashed them, I wouldn't need to remove them. Speaking logically," she resumed her stoic expression as she turned back to her knee, "and how long will this spray take to work, Doctor?"

Steven whispered so only Sakaan could hear." No let them hear this."

Then out loud. " I want those devices out of my sickbay even if I have to personally smash them. This is a place of healing not a special interview room. I will not have them in my sickbay. The spray should take a few minutes to work. But use it each day until it runs out."

'And this will heal my knee?' She asked, keen to have the long-term pain gone. 'What about my shoulder?' Sakaan considered for a moment, then said, a touch louder, 'I will have any bugs we discover removed. You are correct. This is a place of healing.'

Steven gave a nod.

“Very well lets have a look at your shoulder and knee then. Well your shoulder seems simple enough. Your knee may take a tiny bit longer. Best to lay flat then we can deal with that first. After all this is a place of healing after all.” Edgeware said.

Nodding, Sakaan pivoted on to the bed and lay down flat on her back, hands resting on her tummy. She felt she and the Doctor had come to an understanding. She would at least reduce the number of listening devices in the infirmary, and see how she could use this new door in to the Klingon Embassy to Starfleet's advantage. "The knee would be a logical place to continue with," she said.

Steven pressed a button two panels rose up either side encasing Sakaan's lower body. He then touched a few panels and the display on the bio beds main monitor changed. Edgeware looked at the readings and shook his head. He was surprised that Sakaan had been able to move at all. He pressed a button and the panels retracted back.

"How on the moons of Jupiter were you able to still function with a knee in this condition?" Steven asked.

"It's only pain," replied Sakaan stoically. "Besides, I thought your miracle spray would deal with it," she concluded, an incredibly subtle teasing note in her voice.

Steven gave a small laugh.

“Miracle spray. You know I had once had a cousin who swore by this miracle spray. He said it could cure all aches and pains. That was until he found out what was in it. After that it stopped working. I won’t go into detail as to its contents. But let’s just say a goats waste product was involved. My point is there is no miracle spray. The mind only thinks it’s a cure all. At the end of the day it’s what goes on here that matters.”

"True," said Sakaan as she watched the ceiling as he worked. "It can be fixed though?"

[To be continued in part two.]


Lieutenant Sakaan
Chief Intelligence Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Dr Steven Edgeware
Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space Three


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