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Bringing Her In - Pt 1

Posted on Wednesday June 30th, 2021 @ 4:36pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Captain Tobias Bishop III & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware & Lieutenant Ahkhsu Trensu & Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed & Lieutenant JG Talerian Maxx & Ensign JoAnne Grant

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Operations Centre, Deep Space Three
Timeline: Current


Ithahr stood in the central well of the Operations station. Although as XO he didn't have a dedicated console to himself, he liked to take a spare one for the first hour of his shift at least before having to scuttle off and deal with the admin and bureaucracy that came with running a space station as large as Deep Space Three was. It was just pure luck he was in situ as the mysterious freighter arrived on-station, dragged by a civilian tug boat. He looked up from his station as the viewscreen flickered to life.

Steven's admiration for Deep Space Three was growing in leaps and bounds. The bridge was excellent. The medical station was one of the best he had ever seen. He sat down and began looking over the information on the freighter.

"So my dear what secrets do you have for us today," he said looking at the readings. Suddenly Steven realised he had spoken aloud. Turning pink he apologised.

"Sorry I meant the freighter," Edgeware said then he looked back at the medical scanner.

"Well does not seem to be an infection. In truth, there does not seem to be … what in old Mrs Gildary's sweet shop … that can't be unless they're in some kind of suspended animation. Picking up life signs but I have never seen readings this low." Steven reported

Ensign Jo Grant had just come onto what passed for the bridge of Of DS3. It was a pretty large command and control centre, but it was about 5 times bigger than the bridge of a starship, with multiple viewing screens on just about every wall. multiple technicians were busy at their workstations. Jo took the number two position and her scans were aimed at the ship. She punched up the data that concerned the ship, and actually got into her registry. It had no prefix code like Federation vessels. So it wouldn't be a remote shut down of the ship. Although technically they could grab it in a tractor beam and hold it with its engines on or off. The ship itself moved as if it was crippled.

Lieutenant Maxx sipped his coffee as he looked at his computer pad. He then instructed his Science Officer on what procedures he wanted to plan for and planned to monitor them from his datapad. Since the other officers shared certain concerns for possible contamination, he planned for countermeasures as best as he could given the Starfleet guidelines. He sipped his coffee again and sucked his teeth since he discovered he had some food in his teeth from breakfast earlier. He was annoyed that he didn't take the time to brush and floss before having to work again.

Frowning, Ithahr glanced over at their new Chief Operations Officer and said quietly, "got anything on the civilian freighter?"

Trensu had done his own scan looking over the ship. "Sir, no weapons no shields active, minor damage exterior nothing else to report."

Lieutenant Maxx continued to suck at his teeth quietly as he monitored the information on the datapad. He checked the computer console from behind the Science Officer to make sure he was seeing the same data stream on his pad. He then asked the science officer to have the sensors focus on certain parts of the ship that could be a possible issue, but nothing showed up. The only thing that looked odd was some minor damage to the hull from space debris at some time. It only scratched the paint at best and was not a real concern. Lt. Maxx then noticed a small concern that he pointed out, "Sir it seems the communication dish took some minor damage from space debris. The hull has some scratches on the paint as well. Perhaps they turned off their shields at some point?"

"More like the shields were penetrated at some point. Those scratches on the hull are more than scratches they are some sort of corrosion possibly from an enzyme or radiation, possibly some sort of space bacteria that eats metal or perhaps a substance in the hull. It will require further analysis to determine if it is alive or inert," Ensign Grant stated.

Ithahr regarded the ship on the viewscreen in front of them. It dominated the wall across from where they sat and stood. Although he folded his hands behind his back and affected a calm manner, his antennae moved in an agitated fashion. Eventually, he asked, "are you certain those life signs are ... low, Doctor? And Ops, no way to contact them? Do they have weapons at all, Security, or are they just powered down? Science, can you read anything on the hull corrosion?"

Lt. Maxx shook his head yes before he replied, "It seems it is a nitrium parasite. It is a metal-eating parasite encountered by the USS Enterprise-D near Tessen III. At the time, the parasite was living within an asteroid composed of densely packed nitrium and chromite, which provided an ample food source. When the Enterprise was forced to destroy the asteroid to prevent it from impacting Tessen III, the parasite transferred to the Enterprise as a new host. However, the damage to the ship seems to be minimal at best. In fact, we could easily fix it in a few hours. It is unlikely that this was the cause of the current situation. In fact, it seems that they encountered the nitrium parasite after the shields when down."

Edgeware checked the readings again. Whatever was alive over there was either enormous and had a slow heart rate or normal-sized and in some kind of sleep. The heart rates were too slow.

“I am afraid so. Something is alive over there. But unless they are as big as this station. Their heart rates are barely registering, "Steven replied.

[To Be Continued]


Captain Tobias Bishop III
Commanding Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok
Executive Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Dr Steven Edgeware
Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Ahksu Trensu
Chief of Security
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant (JG) Lisa Creed
Chief Operations Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant (JG) Talerian Maxx
Chief Science Officer
Deep Space Three

Ensign Jo Grant
Operations Officer
Deep Space Three


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