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Walking on egg shells - Pt 1

Posted on Wednesday June 30th, 2021 @ 12:16pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Klingon area
Timeline: Current


Klingons. You had to be very careful with Klingons. Just one wrong word or phrase and next you would be on the floor trying to stop yourself from bleeding to death. Edgeware could speak fluent Klingon which would be a bonus. Plus his love of Klingon opera also helped sometimes. As a doctor he knew which Klingon foods to avoid. So all in all Steven knew how to handle them. But he still had to be very careful.

After checking a few things, Edgeware approached the area where the Klingons had set up. He approached the guards and looked them clear in the eye. A difficult thing to do considering these Klingons were tall.

“I am Doctor Steven Edgeware, Chief Medical Officer for Deep Space Three. I demand to see your leader.” He said without blinking.

The pair of tall Klingon guards flashed a look of amusement between themselves. Their polished weapons and bandolier insignia distinguished them as members of Ambassador Krod's personal bodyguard.

Smiling a malicious, snaggle-toothed smile, the taller of the two leaned down somewhat to come closer to Edgeware's eye-level and grunted a chuckle. "The day a Klingon Warrior bows to a Starfleet petaQ's demands is the day he has lost all honour." His breath was rank with gagh, he must have eaten recently.

Steven did not blink. He did not smile. Instead he lifted his head a little higher so he could face the guards better.

“Tell me. That gagh you recently consumed. I hope, as a Klingon Warrior ,you checked it was alive. Because if it was not sir, you will indeed be bent double as your digestive system, has to deal with the fall out of eating dead gagh.” Edgware said.

The Klingon's expression twisted into a frown, and his comrade stood on the other side of the door took interest in the conversation. Gagh-breath inched closer to the Doctor. "What would a human 'ong know about Klingon Warriors? What would a human medical official, one who's profession is to look after the weak, mewling children of Starfleet, know about a Klingon Warrior?"

Steven stood his ground and replied in perfect Klingoneese.

“I am bonded by blood to Tamar of the house of H’aCH Voh. When I cured his only grandson of a deadly poison given to him by a disloyal servant. I am also a noted friend of the Klingon opera star Sha LaH. After curing her voice when a rival attempted to end her career. So don’t assume that just because I tend to the weak, that I do not know how to tend to the Strong,” Steven said.

The bodyguard threw back his head and laughed, "it seems that you have spirit, human! You may report to Colonel Morog, our Head of Security for the Klingon Embassy." He poked Edgeware in the chest, "and I warn you Doctor Edgeware, he is no fan of Sha Lah." He broke into howls of laughter once more as he ushered the Doctor in through the doors of the Embassy.

The Klingons had been busy since their arrival, redecorating their Quarter to more closely resemble Klingon architecture. The cramped, badly lit space reminded many of them of their home or warships, and made them feel more at ease. Edgeware was passed from functionary to functionary, before being deposited at the door of Colonel Morog's office.

For a warrior race who valued honour above all else. The Klingons could certainly be a red tape loving group. But unlike the chinless dignitaries in his home town of Ballybrack, one wrong word or annoyed look too many would have you laying on the floor in a puddle of your own drool. After being head butted by someone who took offence.

Looking at the guard outside, he drew himself up to his full height.

"I am here to see Colonel Morog," Steven said in Klingon.

The Klingon at the door said nothing, but grunted and waved him in.

Colonel Morog sat in an oversized, comfortable chair. He was young, but already running to fat around his midsection. His hair was less unruly than most Klingons, though greasier and he sported longer moustaches than usual, braided in an elaborate fashion. As he smiled his Klingon smile and rose from his chair, it was apparent that he also picked his teeth better than many of his countrymen. "Doctor Edgeware, a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance." His smile was unctuous, possibly insincere. Morog pointed to the chair on the other side of his desk, "please take a seat."

Steven sat down and looked at Colonel Morog. He was not impressed by what he saw. The Klingons hair was too neat plus he was going to fat, at an early age. If this man had earned his rank he would certainly not be sitting in an over stuffed chair.

Edgeware hid his feelings. Even if the man was false he could still mortally hurt Steven. Speaking in Klingon Edgeware returned the Colonel's greeting.

“Greetings I am Chief Medical Officer Dr Steven Edgeware. I am here to make sure everything runs smoothly medical wise. We don’t want any incidents.” Steven said.

"I see you're an educated man, Doctor," replied Morog in his most eloquent Klingon, "there are not many from your Federation that would learn a foreign tongue in this day and age." His simpering smile faltered, "though I would ask you explain what you mean by incidents? Do you anticipate any? Are you hear to cover the Federation's back?"

Edgeware looked Morog in the eye as he spoke back to him in Klingoneese.

“There are many activities that a fine Klingon warrior would enjoy without injury, that sadly the softer humanoids like my fellow humans would not be able to survive. For instance the tradition of head butting a drinking partner. Acceptable in the halls of Kronos. I have done so myself. But also like what happened afterwards, where I awoke some hours later, unable to hear for three hours. Captain Bishop may not be too happy about. I am sure you can understand the need to keep your leader happy. I believe you once served with HoD Kilgar. Before his early death he was well known for his temper,” Edgeware said.

"I did serve with Kilgar, yes, though I'm not sure what you are implying there," replied Morog smoothly. "Forgive me though Doctor, are you accusing my men of going around headbutting, ah, 'softer' species as you claimed? For of course, if weaker peoples wish to partake in the Empire's traditions, they must bear the cost."

Steven did not blink or break eye contact.

[To be continued]


Lieutenant Dr Steven Edgeware
Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space Three

Colonel Morog
Chief of Embassy Security
[NPC Lt. Cmdr. Ithahr]


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