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Tea and Chat

Posted on Sunday May 23rd, 2021 @ 4:33pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Executive Officer's Office
Timeline: Current


Later in the morning of their briefing, Ambrose and Ithahr were sitting in the Executive Officer's Office. Being a Stardock-class Starbase, it was a grand affair, viewports making up one curved wall of the room. Paintings from various Federation worlds, particularly of Earth and Andoria dotted the other walls, and one painting of the USS Frederick, his former posting, was stationed prominently amongst them.

As the meeting was an informal one, Ithahr and Ambrose sat in a set of comfy seats around a utilitarian coffee table, away from the XO's desk. Both were quietly sipping Durajian tea, a favourite of Ithahr's. The bistro he had begun frequenting brewed it especially well, and he had ordered it for this afternoon.

Now he was in uniform Steven could visually see a difference around him. People now became more guarded when speaking to him. This was a pity but that was how things were. It was silly really because if you were ill. Then surely you’d want your doctor to know.

He pressed the door chime and was aloud in. Shaking hands with the rooms occupants he took a seat.

“ Greetings. Sorry about my shenanigans before. I wanted to get a sense of the general health of this station. Without people being nervous of talking to a doctor. Hope I did not overstep the mark there?” Steven said

'It's unusual, but not particularly alarming,' Ithahr said calmly as he shook the man's hand. 'And I understand the reasoning. As it can't happen again, I'm not too concerned,' the Andorian concluded. 'However, I'm a little surprised that you thought an Executive Officer wouldn't recognise a member of senior staff.'

Steven blushed.

“ Well to be honest. I never was to good at disguises. Now my friend Mary boy could she......... but perhaps that is a tale for another day. So I understand we have a virus to deal with?” He asked sitting down.

'No,' said Ithahr calmly, though his antennae crimped somewhat, 'the ship inbound is missing a few certifications from its previous port. It may be carrying a viral infection, but we won't know until the ship enters sensor range and the Science Department has a chance to conduct a thorough scan.'

Ambrose chipped in, 'even then the freighter will be placed in a quarantined area in order to conduct a scan of the passengers.'

Ithahr’s information about the ship missing a few certificates worried Steven.

“ Now that sounds worrying. In my past experience ships with certificates missing, often have something to hide. What type of EVA suits will science be wearing?” Steven asked.

'The standard pattern - we'll not be bringing the ship in to dock before a thorough sensor scan,' Ithahr replied evenly. 'But we have some time before they arrive to make arrangements. Would you care to have an overview of the station and your department?'

Steven nodded. He needed to know what he had to work with. Edgeware had met Dr Ambrose already. Who seemed quite a likeable person.

“Yes please. I have a feeling we are going to be busy. It would be good to know the story so far, if you know what I mean.” Steven said.

Ambrose nodded in response, and picked up his PADD, beginning to read through his notes. 'As you know, Deep Space Three was brought back online after years of being derelict.

'Since Soran managed to blow up Veridian's sun, we've had a limited presence out here, so the station was brought online with minimal preparation and crew. I'll not lie, it wasn't easy at the beginning. But things have settled down. We've received extra personnel, and our supply channel has been stabilised.'

Steven nodded.

“I see. Is there any chance I could have something to drink please?” Edgeware asked.

Antennae twitching slightly, Ithahr nodded, and poured a cup of tea from the pot, and handed it to the new Chief Medical Officer. "I hope you enjoy. It's a particular blend I enjoy." Handing the mug over, Ithahr let his hands fall back in his lap as he regarded the man. 'Do you have any questions, Doctor?'

Steven took a sip of the tea. His eyes closed as he tasted it.

“Yes. You must give me the recipe for this nectar. Also has there been anything on the station that has effected lives? I read something about tiny robots attacking the station? Wasn't the Chief Security Officer, a Kimpok, killed?” Steven asked.

'I would be glad to hand the recipe over,' said Ithahr, warmly, pleased that someone enjoyed his blend of tea, 'it's replicatable, but I do try and get a shipment from the Andorian colonies as often as I can.' Sobering he nodded and addressed the doctor's question. 'Yes, I've no doubt you've read about the robotoforms. Although it predates my time here, I understand them to be a variant of Borg. The station suffered severe damage and casualties during the event - they're only just getting over it.'

Steven nodded.

“ I saw the coroners report on the Klingon Chief Of Security Kimpok. A nasty business indeed. But back to this delicious nectar in this here mug. You say it’s replicable?” Steven said.

'It's passable replicated. Not nearly as good as the real thing, but then what food or drink is? Replicated matter may have all we need nutritionally, but you can tell that it's not the real stuff. Flavour's always just off,' Ithahr replied, getting over the mental whiplash of moving from a coroner's report to the replicability of his tea. 'Are you a fan of good food Doctor?'

Steven’s face brightened.

“Oh yes. You can beat a meal. My late aunt Mildred now there was a good cook. She could make this Sea weed and Kelp pie. That you’d never know was no meat from an animal. My mother now there is another. Her Apple and Blackberry pie why the pastry crust just melted in your mouth. If you know what I mean. Are there any decent eatery’s here on the station?” Steven asked.

"There are several already established, though I don't particularly recommend the Bolian eatery for anyone," Ithahr replied with a hearty chuckle, and Ambrose gave a short barking laugh at the statement, "there is, however, The Bistro, a small establishment of which I'm fond and have dined at fairly regularly as my schedule has allowed." Ithahr shrugged as he looked at the Chief Medical Officer, "we're working to establish more links with local planets and traders in the hopes of boosting what the station can offer, as you heard in the briefing earlier. But it's slow work."

Steven nodded.

“In this day and age we can cross galaxy’s in years instead of decades. We can speak to people to don’t speak the same language in seconds. But word of mouth always takes longer. Unless it’s bad news of course. Like when my cousin Phillip was caught stealing old Ma McConnell’s apple pie. Everyone in Ballybrack knew about it in one afternoon.” Steven said taking another sip of his drink.

"Apple pies are precious," observed Ithahr with a slight smirk. "But our issues are more to do with the pirate activity in the sector, which has been heavy of late."

Pirates. Steven had heard rumours.

“You know there have been some terrible rumours flying around Star fleet medical. About some of these pirates dealing in stolen Borg technology. It makes one shiver to think what damage they could wreak, if the nanoprobes became active," Steven warned.

'It would indeed be ... troublesome, if such rumours were to be true,' Ithahr observed with a slight furrow to his brow, antennae thrashing once more. How had Starfleet Medical heard rumours of what was happening out here? They had no independent intelligence capability he was aware of. 'I'm sure that's not the case, Doctor, but we will keep a vigilant eye out on these things. Have you managed to get acquainted with your department yet?'

Steven nodded at this.

“Yes indeed. It sure is a fine sickbay you, sorry, we have. There is just one small worrying thing. I noticed that a lot of the command crew have not had their routine physical. I know we are due some unique visitors soon plus this ship which has no medical records. But I may have to start my first days on Deep Space Three running after officers, who have skipped their medicals.” Edgeware warned.

"Far be it for me to tell you your duties, Doctor. I would prefer if you would concentrate on our priority tasks for now - namely the Conference parties that will be coming aboard - the Klingons are already here, mind, if you would like to liaise with them. And secondly the incoming freighter. Then perhaps chase the remaining officers - they've waited this long for their medicals, a few days more won't hurt."

Steven did not agree with this. If things went sideways it would be very important the everyone was healthy. But he was new here and it did not do to upset the apple cart after you had just jumped on so he gave a nod.

“ Understood.” He said smiling.

"Good," replied Ithahr evenly, his antennae ceasing their twitching for a moment, "do you have any further questions?"

Steven could see that everything for now had been discussed. Although he still had a million a two questions to ask. Maybe for now they could wait.

“ I do be believe we have covered all the bases,” he replied.

"Very well," replied Ithahr, "I'll make sure you get a box of tea once its been delivered. Otherwise, I hope you settle in quickly, and settle in well. I'm sure we'll see each other again before long."

Steven smiled.

“Thank you I shall look forward to it," he replied


Lieutenant-Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok
Executive Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Dr Steven Edgeware
Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space Three


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