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Doctor please explain?

Posted on Tuesday May 25th, 2021 @ 3:37pm by Captain Tobias Bishop III & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Commander Bishops Office
Timeline: Current

:: ON ::

Protocol demanded that the first person you should report to was the Commanding Officer. Edgeware knew that and he had every intention of seeing him. But at this moment Steven needed to do some observations. By not revealing he was the new Chief Medical Officer just yet. He was able to move through the crowds. Just like any other civilian.

Once you put on a medical uniform. People acted very differently. They hid any medical problems they had. But if you were dressed as an ordinary person, You could see and judge them warts and all.

Although his father died when he was very small, Due to him drowning trying to save a swimmer, Who had got into difficulties, The late Doctor Neal Edgeware left him some journals. Once it looked like Steven would follow in his fathers footsteps as a doctor, Instead of his uncle Patrick to jail, His mother aloud Steven to read them.

Edgeware found an interesting story. About a man who would not come into the surgery. His wife was worried the man was very ill. So Steven’s father disguised himself as one of the drinking buddies. The man hung out with at the local pub. That way with the man off guard. Neal Edgeware was able to learn the mans ailments. Thus he gave the mans wife some pills. She could secretly put in his food to heal him.

Now this practice was perfectly plausible in Ballybrack Southern Ireland. Many years ago. But out here with all Starfleet Medical Regulations to dance with. Edgeware would be hung from the rafters. By his ears if he practiced like that. But the idea of hiding your true identity. So you could observe people’s ailments was feasible.

Not wanting to put off his meeting with Commander Bishop with any more delay. Steven put on his uniform then walked to the Commanders office. Once there he pressed the door chime and waited to be called in.

"Come." was the terse reply that met the door chime. The Commander was making his way through a stack of reports, and the interruption was both welcome and unwelcome.

On hearing Commander Bishops reply. Steven took a deep breath and walked through the doors. He knew that there was a guide of etiquette. When meeting your new commanding officer. Firstly always give the full name of your department and rank. Nothing annoyed a Captain or Commander more. If you referred to yourself as CMO instead of Chief Medical Officer.

As a child he had once fallen foul to his great uncle Howard. By referring to him as uncle. The big Ulster man almost twisted his ear off.

“It’s Great Uncle Howard you unruly whelp!” He shouted

So from that the day Edgeware was always careful of how he greeted people.

As he walked in Steven extended his hand.

“Greetings Commander Bishop. Lieutenant Doctor Steven Edgeware Chief Medical Officer reporting for duty sir.” Steven said giving the Commander a padd with his details on.

"Hello, Doctor." Tobias responded. He accepted the offered padd and set it on his desk with the others. He took a long sip from the steaming mug he had been nursing and then said, "Tradition and protocol would have had you report when you arrived, which unless I am mistaken was not today?"

Steven gave a sigh.

“Firstly sir, I can assure you that I did not mean any disrespect to you or Deep Space Three. You see my darling departed father. Left me some journals to read if I ever followed in his footsteps. In one he explained that the best way. To get close to people and discover their ills. Was if they did not know you were a doctor. So he used to disguise himself and walk around Ballybrack my home town. He learnt a lot about people and was able to heal them better.” Steven said.

He took a deep breath and continued.

“As you are well aware this lovely station is much bigger then a starship. So I wanted to move around. Without people knowing who I was just yet. To be honest sir it’s just as well I did. There was a food vendor who did not check. His non human dishes were poisonous for humans.He was just about to serve a non Andorian women. Some fried ice worms. Which as you know are highly toxic to non Andorians ” Steven said.

"While your stated goals would, on the surface, seem admirable, that does not excuse your breaching established protocol. As a person, and a resident of this base, I can appreciate your efforts to go above and beyond, As your Commanding Officer, this is not behavior I can endorse from members of my senior staff." Tobias said, keeping his voice level and professional.

Steven felt like he was back in Ballybrack at the Holy Child Secondary school. Being scolded for running in the hallway by Mrs Figgins. The Captain was quite correct for being stern about protocol. If rules were not followed. Especially in a station like Deep Space Three. People would get hurt or worse.

“ I fully understand Captain and I apologise hole heartedly for my unprofessional actions. I can assure from the bottom of my heart. That it will never happen again.” Steven pledged.

"That is all one can ask of another." Bishop responded, with a slight nod of his head. "I believe my next question is whether you requested the transfer or whether it was assigned to you."

Transferred or assigned?. That was the question. What was the answer to Captain Bishop? Was it that ever since he had been that four year old boy. Shouting at the Irish Sea for killing his father. To his last mission on the USS Pathfinder at Harmony Bay. Steven had wanted to strive to better himself. To live past his fathers age when he drowned. To be known as a great healer.

If Steven gave that answer. He would be carted off to the Federation funny farm. No Captain Bishop deserved the truth.

“To be perfectly honest, sir, both. You see after the events at Harmony Bay, I decided that the USS Pathfinder was no longer the place for me. Doctor Hendon had been like a father to me. To see him brutally killed like that, especially after losing my own father when I was very young, I just could not bear to stay there. Even going home to Ireland did not help. Plus my mother kept trying to marry me off to every single lady in Ballybrack. In the end I just had to get back out here. As I never have served on a station before, I put in a request for a station situation and six months later I am now standing before you sir.” Steven said.” I can assure you Captain I am well over events at Harmony Bay.”

"That's quite a story Doctor." Tobias said simply. "I am willing to over look your eccentricity this time, but do not make a habit out of it."

Steven nodded.

“ That I can promise you sir with all my heart. As my dear old mother used to say. If your going to be eccentric do it in the privacy of your own home. Now Captain there is a question as Chief Medical Officer I must ask your good self. When was your last medical sir?” Steven asked.

"Probably long that it should have been." Tobias admitted.

This left Steven with an ethical problem. He should insist the Captain had one at once. But he was new here and it did not do. Upsetting the apple cart after you just jumped on board. Steven would have to tread lightly here.

“ Well sir. I fully understand that being in charge of a large station such as Deep Space Three, keeps you busy and things like your personal health, tend to take second place; But technically you are the crews father figure they all like up to you. So it is important you keep healthy. For now I can give you a quick scan over here in the office. With your permission sir of course.” Steven said politely.

"I am sorry, Doctor, but that will not be possible at this time. I will make an appointment to see you in Sickbay, forthwith, but my office is not the place, nor is this the time." Bishop replied. "I applaud your eagerness, but I really must get on with the rest of my day." As he spoke, he placed both hands on the desk top and pushed himself into a standing position, giving the universal sign of an ended meeting.

Edgeware could see that there was no use arguing with Bishop. Although regulations were on Steven's side. He had to walk a tightrope here. He could demand the captain had his physical, souring Edgeware’s future relationship with him. Thus, probably shortening his career here on the station. No commanding officer liked a pushy chief medical officer. Also of course Steven was fresh off the boat. He did not wish to be on the first transport home to Ballybrack.

“Understood sir. Please forgive me. I was just being a little over enthusiastic. After all, I am your new physician. One of my jobs is to keep you healthy at the end of the day.So when you feel it’s appropriate and you have the time. Please see me sir.” Edgeware said as diplomatically as possible.

"No apologies necessary, Doctor. I assure you I will make my way to sickbay in the near future." Bishop said attempting to calm the new officer.

As the Doctor made his way out, Tobias contacted his Yeoman to schedule the appointment for the next few days, in an effort to keep his promise to the Chief.

:: OFF ::

Captain Tobias Bishop III
Commanding Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Steven Edgeware
Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space Three


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