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0800 hrs - Pt 1

Posted on Wednesday June 30th, 2021 @ 2:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Captain Tobias Bishop III & Supervisory Special Agent Svetlana Chekov & Lieutenant Ahkhsu Trensu

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: multiple areas within DS3
Timeline: Backpost


Main SCIS Office, DS3

Monday Morning, and Svetlana was already at work, and now with the time now at around 0600 hrs, Svetlana who was in her "Class "B" uniform had just downloaded a copy of the 24 hour Security blotter from the previous weekend, into her PaDD, looked at the number of cases that were still pending a full investigation, and now with early morning briefing with Commander Tobias and the other senior members of the Station.

At the briefing with the Commander in his ready room, Lieutenant Trensu, Lieutenant Commander Shennrok, who along with two senior members of the IG's Investigation Team consisting of Captain Lovejoy, and his boss, Commodore Spencer. Both on their way to one of the newly established Starbase to do an inspection, and had stopped overnight at the station, then decided to attend the morning briefing so see how Commander Bishop kept his senior officers appraised of the situation on the station.

The Captain's briefing went smoothly as Captain Bishop talked about important issues common to the station, and other issues related to the safety of the crew, and the hundreds of thousands of Federation Civilians, regular Civilians, and transient personnel on the station. With that out of the way, Captain Bishop began his brief of Svetlana's shop, and the number of cases that were of importance to the well being of the station. Giving his briefing of cases that had been assumed by SCIS, one particular case involving the son of a retired Fleet Captain caught the attention of Captain Bishop and the rest of the people in the briefings attention, to include the two senior visitors.

The theft of ancient Klingon artifacts worth more than 999.99 Federation Credits made news since it involved a Starfleet Officer's family member, and soon Svetlana gave a short but succinct breakdown of the case. Pointing out that the theft had been committed by a family member of retired Senor Fleet Captain James Posey, his son Elbert was actually seen pilfering the artifacts from a glass case, put the artifacts into his pocket, then leave the scene, but not before he activated an old fashioned smoke bomb to distract responding security personnel; then throughout the commotion Elbert Posey left the station in a waiting Ferengi Freighter, in which its next port of call was the planet Risa. Unable to respond off the Station, the on duty Chief of Security for Alpha Watch contacted Svetlana, apprised her of the fact that a property crime had occurred, and now the suspect was off station. Reaching the Bazaar, and after talking to the responding Security Investigators, and learning that the total worth of the artifacts was now 21,500.00 Federation Credits, SCIS assumed the case.

As everyone in the room began to digest the information, both Captain Lovejoy and Commodore Spencer decided to speak up and began peppering Svetlana with ridiculous and redundant questions. As they continued their questions, both figured that she'd probably just clam up, and become a wallflower law enforcement agent.

However they did not take into account Svetlana's ability to outwit and tactically defeat their questions making them look stupid in front of their subordinates. With the experience of being in front of very senior officers as she spoke on hundreds of very important cases over the years, she had been taught by the bests, and the best defense, was a strong shattering offense, that took no prisoners.

Now with the mindset on destroying both officers for besmirching both Starfleet Security and the SCIS, Svetlana began lecturing both officers, making the others in the room begin to squirm, as she drove home several important points as to why she was not on scene, why she only sent a single SA to Risa, and why she thought that both officers had exceeded their reason to being in the briefing, which was not to hear what was being said by the commander, but to besmirch the reputation of both Security and the SCIS, easily shredding both senior officers comments, they found out she was more than a match for the both of them, easily dismissing their own biases on why a woman was in charge of an SCIS team. Eager to leave the briefing, both men suddenly got up and practically ran out the door.

Svetlana returned back to her office, and began to work on several pressing issues; such as the monthly manpower reports, payroll, leave and sick leave policy, the annual Physical Conditioning and training tests, the annual class on diversity, and anti-bullying classes. Plus with sexual assault now at an all time high around 5 per year, the command wanted everyone to attend some type of approved Diversity and Minority right classes.

[To be continued]


Captain Tobias Bishop III
Commanding Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Ahksu Trensu
Chief Security Officer
Deep Space Three

Svetlana Chekov, GS12
SSAIC, Team 95
Starfleet Criminal Investigative Services


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