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Food for Thought Part I

Posted on Wednesday June 9th, 2021 @ 3:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Lieutenant JG Talerian Maxx

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Senior Officer's Lounge
Timeline: Current


It was the midpoint of Alpha shift, and Ithahr felt it was time for a break. As per usual he was famished, the higher metabolism that powered the Andorian body required frequent replenishing.

Thinking to the briefing meeting this morning, the Andorian felt that perhaps their Chief Science Officer needed a break as well. Ithahr wasn't an expert on Trill biology, but he was fairly sure a person shouldn't be yawning quite that much.

Feeling it was better to call on the Science Officer than summoning him to his own office, Ithahr went in search of Maxx, intending to ask him to have a coffee and what humans termed a 'natter'.

Lt. Maxx was once again pulling a double shift since his predecessor left the science department in shambles and new crew members were unorganized. To make it worse the records were poorly kept and many dangerous experiments were left unattended like the Tribbles, so he was working long shifts just so he could catch up and train his crewmen. Sadly Maxx was still not used to where his living quarters were since he was practically living at his office since he started his position on day one. He was exhausted and if not from his strong body and willpower he would have gave in after two days. However small naps and a lot of coffee helped him get through the day. He knew that once he got the Science Department organized he could relax a bit. However on that note he needed to get some food and some more coffee since he had more work piled on him by the upper command. In many ways he wondered if his promotion was actually a punishment for being to outstanding. Since he was still learning his way around DS3 he needed to use his PADD to see the map to help guide him.

Hailing the Main Computer, Ithahr asked for Maxx's location on the Station, and followed the beeline of instructions the Computer relayed to him, nodding and smiling at those he passed in the corridors. He soon realized that Maxx was still somewhere in the restricted areas of the station as the numbers of uniforms increased and the civilians decreased. The rangy Andorian soon caught up to the Chief Science Officer as they wandered the station. 'Lieutenant Maxx!' he called out as he approached from behind.

Lt. Maxx Looked around in a bit of confusion as he heard his voice from somewhere around him. He looked up and down then to his left and right sides before turning around to see a rangy Andorian waving at him. It took a moment for Maxx to make the the connection that it was Ithahr calling out to him.

Since Maxx was mostly holed up in the science lab he was still learning everyone's name. Of course it helped that Ithahr was an Andorian which did stick out a bit. The more rare the race the easier it was for him to remember them. Maxx gave a forced wave with his left hand as he covered his mouth with his right hand and yawned for a good five seconds. He was suffering from fatigue due to his lousy work schedule. He wanted to complain but it wouldn't do any good since resources and staff were limited.

As Ithahr approached him, Maxx was hoping that he would add to his already overwhelming workload. Maxx spoke up, " sir. Will this take a while? I was on my way to get some chow.'

'Ah good man - that's what I was hoping. I'm headed for lunch and wondered if you would care to join?' Ithahr smiled, 'I realized that after the briefing this morning that we had a short space of time before the freighter arrived and you got even busier.' Ithahr indicated a turbolift not too far up the corridor. 'Shall we head to the senior officer's lounge?'

Maxx could clearly see that Ithahr was determined to spend time with him. Though he was not sure the reason for the need to bond, Maxx could clearly see he was not going to talk his way out it.

Poor Maxx was tired and hungry at this point and just wanted to unwind a bit and enjoy a quiet meal, but that option was now removed from the table. Ithahr seemed very enthusiastic about going to the Officer's Lounge so Maxx simply nodded before he replied, "Uh sure.

Then Maxx and Ithahr made their way inside the turbolift and while waiting Maxx asked, "So is this a get to know your neighbor kinda meeting or are you planning on adding to my overwhelming workload? If its the latter, I hope you plan on adding to my personnel and resources. Maxx was casual in his manner of speaking since he was to tired to be diplomatic at this stage.

'You're struggling to cope?' asked Ithahr quietly as he took his place by the Science Officer.

Maxx shook his head then replied, "Coping is not the issue here. When I got here I had to figure out things on my own. I didn't get any form of welcome or tour of the station from any staff or officers. Either they were too busy or forgot I was arriving. When I finally found my office, I found my rag tag crew making a mess of things and trying to burn down the science department. To make it worse the records and inventory were in shambles and I have been spending all my time trying to fix that mess, while training my crew and dealing with everything outside my department. So sleep has been a bit of a luxury for me and it took several days before I could even find my living quarters. Sadly I only go there to shower and change clothes since I nap in my office for a bit before going back to work." Maxx then rubbed his temples for a bit before he spoke again, "Sorry for that its just I am tired and hungry and I still have to deal with that ship on quarantine. Since it has a chance of turning south I would prefer to do it with more sleep and a better crew. So you will have to pardon me for looking like the walking dead for now."

'You're saying you have no members in your department you feel you can delegate to?' Ithahr was growing more concerned as he listened to the Chief Science Officer. Either the department wasn't fit for purpose, or Maxx couldn't delegate work, or a combination of both. 'Do we need to requisition more Science officers?'

The door to the turbolift opened, and Ithahr ushered them out, heading down the corridor to the Lounge as they talked.

Maxx shook his head no as he yawned again. Then he spoke up, "Delegating to any of them right now would simply be foolish. Well I am still sorting through the records and organizing them, but I have noticed the prior chain of command had broken down at some point. As time progressed the staff began treating the Science Department as an all you can eat buffet, by using unrequested resources, keeping bad records, neglecting protocols, bad communication and reckless thinking. Granted getting more staff would be nice if they were competent, but if I have to retrain them it will only add to my workload."

Maxx and Ithahr continued walking to the Officer's Lounge and entered it as they found a place to sit. They ordered what they wanted before resuming their conversation. Maxx spoke up, "Sorry for being grumpy but this is the first time anyone has shown concern since I stepped on board the station. Sadly the only solution to my issues is time and patience unless you care to enlighten me."

[To Be Continued ...]

Lieutenant-Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok
Executive Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant JG Talerian Maxx
Chief Science Officer
Deep Space Three


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