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Brief Encounter

Posted on Saturday April 24th, 2021 @ 11:09pm by Lieutenant Commander Albino "Viper" Jackson & Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Flight Deck
Timeline: Current


Alie was working on fighter rotations while lounging in her fighter. Since it was more comfortable and quieter than the briefing room, she could at least relax comfortably. Her tea sitting on the console, her feet up on the had, padd in her lap and headphones on her head listening to her meditation music, she failed to sense a presence on the fighter deck.

The Ensign who had led Ithahr to the flight deck, and the Commander himself both stood a little awkwardly in front of the fighter craft. Ithahr himself had thought it wiser to visit the senior staff in their natural habitats, so to speak, in order to get better acquainted with them and the station itself. When the schedule indicated that Commander Jackson, the station's Starfighter Chief was on light duties for the hour, he thought it best to visit her then.

Perhaps he was mistaken, he thought briefly. He raised a hand, 'Commander,' he began in a surprisingly strong voice for an Andorian, 'if you have the time, I'd like to introduce myself. Commander Ithahr th'Shrannock, the new Executive Officer.'

The sound of the voice almost made her fall from her seat. "Oh jeezzz, who.....oh sorry sir. Sure sir I have the time. I was just going over my pilot rotations. Lt. Cmdr. Alie "Reaper" Jackson at your service," she said smiling.

Ithahr returned the smile, 'the apologies are mine, Commander Jackson, I probably shouldn't have approached as quietly as I did.' He pointed to the fighter, admiring its lines, 'a beautiful craft, Commander, I can see why you'd prefer it to your office - quieter and makes you more difficult to find, I imagine?'

"Yes it does, especially when we are down time. I come here to relax," Alie said as she started to get down to the deck. "How can I help you, sir" she said politely.

'I thought it would be polite to introduce myself to our Starfighter Chief,' smiled Ithahr as he watched her exit the craft, 'a magnificent bird, Commander - I can pilot a shuttle, but these fighter craft are something else indeed.' He glanced at the sleek curves of the fighter before asking, 'how long have you been a pilot?'

Alie chuckled, "I've been a pilot since I was like 7 or 8 and from there I just took off, so its seemed quite some time," Alie said chuckling.

'I guess it must be second nature for you if you've been going that long,' Ithahr said gently as the pilot alighted close by. 'It's a Valkyrie, yes?'

"Yup, Mk lll Valkyrie, next generation Gryphon, fighter/bomber, atmospheric/space fighter. Ain't she a beauty?" Alie said, smiling as she gave her ships Hull a gentle pat. "Grew up in the cockpitof a fighter. Dad always knew I was goiing to be a damn good pilot".

'She's quite something, alright,' Ithahr replied warmly, 'do you mind?' He motioned to reach out to touch the Hull of the fighter, 'I suppose that natural flying ability is why you're in charge around here.'

"Well yes, that and it's in the blood. I love being free in the clouds. Nothing to hold you back, no strings or binds to the ground, just moving through the clouds. Oh......I'm sorry, yes by all means you may touch her hull. Not many ask permission, they just naturaly touch it," Alie said laughing.

'I consider it rude,' Ithahr smiled sheepishly, 'don't ask me why, it's always seemed odd to just touch a pilot's fightercraft.' He set his hand gently against the hull of the craft, and imagined the power that could flow through the craft at a moment's notice. 'It sounds quite magical really even though I know how it works. So it's in the blood is it?' he finished with the question glancing over at the Betazoid.

"Yeah, very much so. If you love a thing like it was your one true love, then yes, it's in the blood," Alie said smiling.

Walking back to the tail section, "Oh I completely forgot! Damn! I have a meeting with two of my squadron leaders in like 15 minutes. Can we continue this later today?" Alie said, embarassed as her face turned red.

Ithahr smiled, 'of course, Commander, I wouldn't want to inconvenience you. Shall we say towards the end of the shift? If nothing else comes up of course.'

"Wonderful. Until then?" Alie said.

'Until then, Commander - we can discuss any needs your department may have,' Ithahr smiled warmly before turning on his heel and stalking off in search for more of the senior staff.


Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok
Executive Officer
Deep Space Three

Lt. Cmdr. Albino "Ghost" Jackson
Deep Space Three


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