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Rare Meat, Rarer Conversations - Pt 1

Posted on Wednesday June 30th, 2021 @ 12:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Lieutenant Jordan Chase

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: The Bistro, Deep Space Three
Timeline: Backpost


Taking a break from her never-ending reports and research on the region, including any vessels and races that were scheduled to dock in the upcoming weeks, Jordan decided to take a break and wander through the station. She knew some eateries recently opened, but she'd been ill herself and mostly confined to her quarters or her office when she was up for the work.

She was excited as well, eager. Her father would be coming soon to bring her dog so that she didn't feel so alone, so far from home.

Striding down the corridor, Ithahr had come straight from the end of his shift, and was looking for something to eat. The lithe Andorian was ravenous, and more than a little impatient. Nodding pleasantly as he went by, Ithahr tried his best not to look rude, but also not to tarry too long as his stomach was in a demanding mood. Holding a PADD in one hand, he used it to navigate this turn and that as he learned his way about the station.

It was whilst consulting a PADD that he rounded a corner and narrowly avoided colliding with a younger officer.

"Sorry!" he exclaimed in his soft voice.

Jordan walked into someone, her arms immediately coming up to brace herself. "Oof, sorry!" she murmured, stepping back. Eyeing the man's pips, she added, "...Sir. My apologies. I was distracted."

"As was I," replied Ithahr raising his PADD apologetically. 'I was in a hurry for a meal.' He leaned in, "Andorians are notoriously cranky when they're hungry." He took in the younger Lieutenant, noticed the purple trim. "You wouldn't happen to know a Lieutenant Chase, now would you?"

She pursed her lips for a moment before nodding. "Yes, I think I do. That would be me," she answered, cautiously curious as to why the new XO was asking for her.

"That is quite the coincidence," replied Ithahr with a wide smile, "I was hoping to introduce myself to you in a less formal setting than my office. To put you at ease. I understand that there is a conference currently being arranged, and I wouldn't wish to add to your burdens." The Andorian thought for a moment, antennae twitching. "Would you care for a coffee meeting, now, if you have the time?"

Jordan drew in a breath and nodded with a smile. "Sure. I was just looking for someplace new to eat. I'm about tired of the replicator."

"Excellent - as it happens, there's a little bistro in the main Promenade section, serves a wide variety of food and drink, if you'd care?" Ithahr wrinkled his nose then finished, "it is rather close to the Bolian eatery, so some of the smells can be a bit ... pungent." He pointed round the corner of the junction they had collided, "that's the fastest way to the Promenade. Would you mind if we decided on the way? I'm famished."

“The bistro sounds good. I’m not particularly fussy,” she replied as she fell into step beside him to the location. A small smile graced her lips at the thought about Bolian food, as she had experienced enough Klingon and even some Earth cultured foods over the years that some could really send people running for the hills.

"Excellent, thank you," replied Ithahr with undisguised relief as he felt his stomach growl. "How are you finding the station so far? Is it to your liking?"

Jordyn thought about the question for a moment before answering. "It's different. The changes from being on a base versus at Starfleet, or even a ship back home closer to headquarters, it's still a different feeling. The distance away is what makes it harder. My father is actually bringing my dog to me so I hope to see them soon."

"Well that's fantastic. Pet animals do help bring a place to life - I'm told the arboretum is a good place to take one for a walk when your dog arrives," Ithahr had not grown up with a pet, which he had always thought of as a shame. When he had reached Earth, he was surprised at humans' attachment to creatures great and small. "Have you heard from your father as he travels?" The Andorian ushered her through a door on to the Promenade.

"Not recently, but the animal friendly transports aren't known for having the best long distance comms. If there were any issues I'm sure he would get a message routed through Starfleet," she replied as she took sight of the bistro and went straight for it's doors. "My mother would not be able to make the trip out this far. She doesn't like leaving the star system if she can avoid it, let alone Earth."

"That's not so unusual," remarked Ithahr as he opened the old-fashioned door and held it open for the Diplomatic Officer, "I think we forget that most people, even now, don't venture far into space. Does your mother travel about the Sol system?"

"For the occasional vacation or business if she cannot avoid it, but she's really content to stay grounded on Earth," she replied as she stepped inside the bistro. Looking around she saw an open table near the window. "Over there is some seats."

[To be Continued]


Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok
Executive Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Jordyn Chase
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Deep Space Three


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