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“In the darkest reaches of the United Federation of Planets, an isolated station stands sentinel over a neglected frontier. Commissioned long ago with high hopes, its promise is now all but forgotten; a lonely outpost serving as the gateway to the vast expanse beyond, where discovery…and adventure…await..”

Latest News Items

» June Silver Unit of the Month

Posted on Saturday July 10th, 2021 @ 1:30pm by Captain Tobias Bishop III in General News

Congratulations are in order!

You crazy folks just managed to earn the Silver Unit of the Month for June, according to the Pegasus Fleet Monthly Update newsletter.

Well Done!

You are all awesome, and I'm so glad I get to be your Captain.

» New Mission

Posted on Monday March 1st, 2021 @ 6:31pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok in Sim Announcement


As I'm sure you've all noticed, a new mission has gone live today as promised.

Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers in Flight will follow on from the Jeepers Creepers mission.

Minimal knowledge of that mission will be needed to participate.

The mission, as previously stated will involve both an 'A' and 'B' storyline, one involving a passenger freighter and a virus, the other an essential diplomatic conference between the three major powers in the area, the Federation, Romulan Star Empire, and Klingon Empire.

Missions going forward will be arranged in a similar fashion so we can get all our excellent writers involved. Designation as an A, B or even C plot is not a reflection of its important - all writing for the sim is, as previously noted.

Mission notes and a call for some NPCs will be going out via News Item and the Discord server over the next 24-48 hours

As a Command Team we're looking forward to showing you our cards and see how you respond to them!

Live Long and Prosper!

- Commander Tobias Bishop III
- Lt. Commander Ithahr th'Shrannock

» New Month, New Mission

Posted on Wednesday February 24th, 2021 @ 4:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok in Out of Character


We hope this News Item finds you in good health, and with the terrible weather some of you will have encountered recently firmly behind you.
With the Federation Ambassador arriving at Deep Space three, the Command Team (Commander Tobias Bishiop III and Lieutenant Commander Ithahr), feel that it is time to close off the present mission and begin the next, exciting phase of Deep Space Three’s life.

Therefore, Forgotten Outpost will be closed at the end of the month, and a new mission will be opened on March 1st. The title and content of the next mission will be updated over the coming weekend. Any open Joint Posts will then roll over to the new open mission. Nobody’s hard work will be lost.
Going forward, each mission will have an ‘A’ storyline and a ‘B’ storyline that will ensure all members of the crew will be able to participate with their Primary/Playing characters and any PNPCs the Command Team have agreed to be created. The designation of a plot as an ‘A’ or ‘B’, or even ‘C’ if called for, will have no bearing as to its importance to the story of the simulation as a whole.

We appreciate the patience and forbearance you have shown whilst the new Executive Officer has gotten his feet under the desk – it is appreciated, and we hope to celebrate many milestones with you over the coming period of time as we celebrate our collective hard work. With the launch of the new mission, however, we do wish to emphasise that normal posting rules for the sim will now apply, meaning two poster per player per month will be expected as a minimum.

For those of you who will perhaps struggle with inspiration outside of posts directly related to the mission, please get in touch with the Executive Officer, Lt. Commander Ithahr, as he will always be happy to help in writing a Joint Post – he is here to write, after all!

Live Long, and Prosper!

- Commander Tobias Bishop III – Commanding Officer
- Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th’Shrannock – Executive Officer

» SCIS Uniforms

Posted on Monday February 22nd, 2021 @ 2:25am by Supervisory Special Agent Svetlana Chekov in Sim Announcement

From: Chief of Starfleet Intelligence
Admiral Gibbs

To; CMDR, Deep Space 3
Executive Officer, Deep Space 3
Chief of Security, Deep Space 3

Chief of Federal Personnel Office
Ms. Monica Williams, GS11

Referece: SCIS Uniforms
In order to show professionalism throuout the entire Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service I am now directing that all Special Agents assigned to your ship, and facility; to include Orbital Starbases, land Starbases, Repair Facilities, and also Starships to wear in lieu of their formerly worn e civilian clothing.

In recent weeks, and months I have been receiving communiques from various commanders reporting that Special Agents of the SCIS do not appear to present a professional manner, or that the look of an agent is not in accordance with the professional look of all Starfleet Personnel.

With that in mind, the use of the old Starfleet Uniform, formerly known as the Monster Uniform of the 2280's be used by all SCIS personnel. The uniform shall be all black, to include boots, and gloves if needed (for further please refer all clothing maters to SCIS Circular 200-19-25).

HOWEVER the use civilian clothing for off site or installation use in an investigation will still continue to Stand.

Rank for all Civilians SCIS agents shall be the old 20th to 21st US Navy military rank.

(For weapons, see SCIS circular 185-39-29) for further information.

For the commander,
JJ Pettigrew, LCMDR
Office of the JAG

Latest Mission Posts

» Doctor Edgeware I presume? Part two

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Posted on Sunday September 5th, 2021 @ 3:27pm by Lieutenant Sakaan & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware


Steven looked over the bio beds monitor screen.A normal healthy knee should have plenty of meniscus between the femur and ligament. Sakaan’s was missing causing the two to rub together damaging both. This added pressure to the ligaments. Which did not look healthy.

“ It is fixable thankfully Vulcan…

» Inspector Gadget?

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Posted on Thursday September 2nd, 2021 @ 8:28pm by Lieutenant Astor Sauvageon & Captain Tobias Bishop III

Lieutenant Astor Sauvageon cast a critical eye over his appearance. The holo-mirror showed a tall, solidly built man in his mid-thirties. His features were attractive, if lacking in refinement somewhat.

Astor was rarely satisfied with his appearance. In truth, the Engineer was rarely satisfied with anything he glanced at, instead…

» Away Team Expedition - Part I

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Posted on Tuesday August 31st, 2021 @ 3:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware & Ensign JoAnne Grant


Standing at the viewport, Ithahr looked down and out at the moored freighter they had brought in. His antennae thrashed in frustration. I should be down there with them, facing the danger, he thought to himself. This is no way to lead. He leaned in to the Captain at…

» Diplomatic Shenanigans - Part I

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Posted on Tuesday August 31st, 2021 @ 3:13pm by Lieutenant Sakaan & Lieutenant JG Jason Elliot


Jordan finished her impromptu meal break with the new XO and was just as concerned with the upcoming conference, if not more, than before. Taking the man's suggestion, she immediately forwarded a message requesting an in-person, secure, meeting with the intelligence officer. She gathered whatever information she had available…

» Rare Meat, Rarer Conversations - Pt 2

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Posted on Monday August 23rd, 2021 @ 2:16pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Lieutenant Jordan Chase


'Thanks,' the Andorian replied in his soft voice. 'That is more unusual,' he observed as he took his seat. 'Most people I've found enjoy travelling around their home star system, probably something to do with it being an extension of your back yard these days. Is your mother afraid…